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Clarke and Margaret Spinks established this scholarship fund in loving memory of their son Clarkie to help other families like them get the help they need for their children. Trauma and mental illness do not discriminate, but affect people from all walks of life and socio-economic statuses. Insurance covers only 30-60% of our cost to provide service, and many families cannot afford to pay for the remaining gap. This fund helps to cover this difference. By contributing, you are ensuring families like Clarkie's are never turned away because of their inability to pay.

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Clarkie’s Story as told by his parents:

My son Clarkie was a beautiful boy with a big toothie grin. He was unusually talented, a history buff, funny, loving and creative. Along the way, Clarkie found growing up hard. In middle school his grades slipped, he was self-conscious, and seemed to have trouble making friends. Clarkie experimented with drugs, and by high school sank deeper and deeper into depression, unmotivated by any of the things that used to bring him joy. He began seeing a therapist and taking various prescription drugs, to no avail. We were afraid we’d lost our child. We feared his suicide or overdose. We were desperate and Clarkie was in pain.

After a layoff and long-term unemployment, my husband found a job at a TV station that ran a story on Spirit Reins. Our savings already depleted, we knew it would be expensive, but agreed if we needed to, we'd just mortgage the house – anything to give our son a chance. Spirit Reins agreed to work with us. Clarkie arrived at Spirit Reins a lost, angry and dark soul, but he left a brigh, strong young man. Three weeks after Clarkie's 18th birthday, he was in a car accident and passed away from complications days later. Even though Clarkie's life was tragically cut short, Spirit Reins extended the time we had with our TRUE son. Clarkie found his voice and spirit before he died, and we were able to experience him as the happy, creative, generous, connected young man he became. 

It is our wish that ALL children have access to the unique mental health services Spirit Reins provides. We understand that cost is often the biggest hurdle for struggling families, and so we ask you to consider giving the gift of healing and hope to children who otherwise can't afford it by making a gift to the Clarkie Spinks Scholarship Fund.


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