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At Spirit Reins, we use our therapy horses to help children who have been through trauma recover and learn how to self-regulate and build healthy relationships. Your gift allows us to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to the children and famlies who need our help the most. You can join the Spirit Reins herd, by sponsoring a Spirit Reins horse for a year or covering a portion of the cost to keep these members of our therapy team healthy and ready to serve our clients each day. 

Spirit Reins is responsible for 20 therapy horses. Their care costs over $2,500 per month and $30,400 per year! And that cost does not include emergency vet bills or supplies. You can help the children and famlies we serve, by providing the food and care our therapy horses need.

Read the stories below and choose your favorite therapy horse to care for by clicking the "Yes, I want to sponsor a horse" link below the horses who still need sponsors. Our therapy horses and the chldren and families we serve are so thankful for your support!


HopeMy name is Hope. My story started the moment I was born. When I was a day old, I was kicked in the knee by another mare. It broke my leg at the growth plate and I was left to get around the pasture on my own, without getting it fixed. Right after I turned 1 year old, I went “home” to my family at Spirit Reins. My family at Spirit Reins always asks me how I was able to withstand the pain of getting around with a broken leg. I tell them that it was only through a lot of courage and determination to live life to the fullest. The vets warned my new family that I would need special treatment for the rest of my life and that I would not live a normal life span. I turn 9 years old soon, and have already outlived the vet’s expectations in both quantity and quality of life!

My family tells me that I have been an inspiration to many people. Most people that come to see me can identify with my “brokenness” and my strength and courage. I love and know that I am loved. I love to be hugged, kissed, and cuddled and I thrive on attention. I will leave the hay bale to come and visit you and sometimes like to rest my head on your shoulder. My philosophy is that when I make a new friend, I have made a friend for life. Most of you know that Tiny will always be the love of my live, but I have found new love with Handsome.

I was blessed in 2007 when I was offered a new chance at life by two very special veterinarians at Elgin Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Underwood. In May of that year I underwent a surgery called “carpal arthrodesis” where part of the bone in my knee was removed so it could be straightened and secured with a 16 screw plate that would keep my leg permanently straight. This is an extremely expensive surgery, but more than half of the cost was donated by the doctors and the clinic. While it was very painful, I remained so strong as I spent three weeks in the hospital and 8 months in a cast. My front legs are crippled, even after my surgeries, but I am still able to run and buck and play. I take supplements to help with my joints, because I have arthritis in my other leg and muscular issues in my mended leg. One of my life’s lessons was to accept my challenges and not let them stop me!

Please help Spirit Reins support me so I can continue to live the best quality of life possible.


JoeyMy name is Joey. I am a wild mustang, so for the first several years of my life I roamed the lands free, fending for myself. I was rescued about 5 years ago and brought home to Spirit Reins. I was named by one of the children that came to the ranch for therapy (I think it suits me too by the way). I am about 17 years old, but I still don’t trust myself enough to trust any humans to touch me. I desperately long to be loved and cuddled, and am making a lot of progress to really be touched for the first time. Through it all, I am learning to become one of the best therapy horses, because the children that come to the ranch can identify with me. I’m hoping that over time, I can heal some of the children and teach them to trust, while they teach me the same.

Please help Spirit Reins support me!


KawlijaMy name is Kawlija and I’d like to think I’m one of the best therapy horses on the ranch. Not only am I good looking, I’m really good at picking out the person most in need of a friend, and attaching myself to that child. I will follow them around, put my head in their chest, and even can get protective. I am great in therapy sessions because I can tell the therapy team a lot about the emotional distance that is present in groups. I make friends easily and have a beautiful heart and soul that most say makes me irresistible. I have arthritis, but try not to let that slow me down.Please help Spirit Reins support me!


FlashMy name is Flash. They say I’m one of the gentlest spirits on the ranch. I am very calm and affectionate; I enjoy and seek attention, hugs, and kisses. I am quiet, patient and a good listener. If you open your heart to me, I am here to listen and completely understand. My friends say that when you look into my eyes, you can see the tranquility and peace of my soul. I spend most of my time in the company of friends and am very loyal to them and my people. Once I have befriended another horse or human, he is a friend forever.

I pretty much have life figured out, so it makes me great in therapy because I can pass on life’s lessons. I’ve heard that I am an old soul and that my presence feels like that of an angel.My beautiful buckskin coat attracts people from a distance, and my gentle spirit keeps them close.

Mr. Ben McGee

BenMy name is Ben, Mr. Ben McGee. I was the first of only a couple of babies born at Spirit Reins. I began my work as a therapy horse when I was only a few hours old. When working with children, I try to be compliant and gentle, but I do have a more ornery, stubborn, and defiant side and have been told that I am an effective horse in parenting classes because my attitude resembles that of a typical teenager!I know I’m one of the more spoiled horses on the ranch, so I don’t just appreciate attention, I expect it! I am honest and will tell you when I’m not satisfied. I know that I am well loved at Spirit Reins, but I would love to have my own person to bond with and help with my expenses. Please help Spirit Reins support me!


NutawaMy name is Nutawa. I am very loved at Spirit Reins and am a very hard worker! I am very quiet, slow, and will give you a greatride. I am one of the most dependable horses and participate in trail rides and therapy whenever needed. I have found lots of friends in the children that come out to the ranch, and have really enjoyed working with every single one of them. During the winters, I can be a hard keeper. It takes a lot of grain to keep me lookinggood and healthy. I am also allergic to everything! I take monthly allergy shots to help me to stay feeling good. If you could help to take care of me, I would appreciate it very much!


SpiritMy name is Spirit. I am very young and rambunctious. I like to play with my friends in the pasture. When I was a baby, I had to have a surgery to get my tooth out of my sinus cavity. The surgery was successful (and expensive) but I got an infection and almost died. The doctor said that she had never seen a horse with my symptoms live. I am fine now, but I need lots of food to keep me healthy and strong. If you could help Spirit Reins pay for me, I would so appreciate it!


DumplinI’m Dumplin’. I am one of the most beautiful little mares on the ranch. I find myself challenged by the children that come out to the ranch, but still strive to please. I hope that people will relax and settle before they approach me, and the children that are able to do that get to experience a very special relationship. I am shy and a bit aloof, but I make it worth the effort to get to know me. Please help Spirit Reins support me. I am a very special little horse, and have a spirit that you have to get to know to truly appreciate.


FraulineMy name is Frauline. I am one of the biggest mares on the ranch, and have been told I have an attitude with a capital A! I am big and I know it, so I know exactly what to do to scare you. However, when the children come to visit me, I can be a different horse. In fact, one of the children who I have made a very special connection with named me “Angel”. I sometimes act like I don’t appreciate human interaction in my life and can be aloof and distant, but I adore the children! Please help Spirit Reins support me!


reducednewmanMy name is Newman. I’m pretty much an all-around good guy. I’m very laid back and easy going, but I have a hard time expressing myself, so some people think I am hard to read. Nevertheless, I am a sensitive guy and try hard to please the people in my life. I enjoy being caught and brushed, and am just learning to be ridden. Please help Spirit Reins support me!


PlayboyMy name is Playboy. I am a member of the assisted living pasture, even though I am very young. I have one of the worst cases of arthritis in my back leg that my doctor has ever seen. I will never be ridden, but that’s okay. I enjoy my job of hanging out, eating, and looking beautiful. I enjoy it when the children coming out to play and brush me. I’m really not supposed to do much running around, but every once in a while Hope and I love to race as fast as we can around the pasture. Another one of my favorite things to do is to stand next to the fence and torture the horses from the other pasture when they come over to get a drink of water! Because my arthritis is so bad, I have to take a couple of different medications to keep me from hurting so much. It can get expensive to keep me around, but I am loved. If you can help to take on some of my costs, I sure would appreciate it!


RustyMy name is Rusty. I am very laid back. Nothing scares me or bothers me. I am also very stubborn. I am also very patient and have been a super star when working with the kids. I really enjoy my job, and I really love being here at Spirit Reins. Can you help Spirit Reins to pay for me?


WolfMy full name is Lone Wolf, but they call me Wolf. I am one of the biggest horses on the ranch. I am affectionate and one of the sweetest and most honest horses at Spirit Reins. I am learning to be ridden again, and I am trying very hard to be a good boy. I love to be loved on and cuddled, and I think that I should be allowed in the house to sleep at the foot of someone's bed. I have really weak hooves, so I use special shoes to ride and need to have special medicine put on my feet to help make them stronger.

Beau Jangles

Beau JanglesMy full name is Beau Jangles, but you can call me Beau. I am one of the most reliable and hardest working on the ranch! I participate in therapy, trail rides and lessons. I am well loved and have a great connection with the kids. I can be a hard keeper, especially in the winter, so I usually need extra food to keep me looking good.


NevadaMy name is Nevada. One of my most favorite things to do with people is to push my limits and see how far I can get. I think I’m just misunderstood because I tend to be stubborn and get my way. Between you and me, I’m just looking to find my own special person that will come out and visit me, teach me to be ridden and to love me. I know I have a sweet side in me somewhere, it just takes me a little bit of time to let it shine!


JessieHi! My name is Jesse. Beau is my best friend in the whole wide world!!! We have been best friends since I was very young. He’s like my big brother that I look up to, a brother that keeps me in line and takes care of me. I’m the smallest horse out here (except for the mini), so I really appreciate him. I am very sweet and keep to myself. If you see Beau, I’m probably not far away!

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