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At Spirit Reins, we use our therapy horses to help children who have been through trauma recover and gain the skills and experiences they need to lead a healthy and productive life. Your gift allows us to provide the hay, feed, vet services and other care that keeps our four-legged therapy partners healthy. It costs $1,200 per year to take care of a therapy horse.

Read the stories below and choose your favorite therapy horse to care for by clicking the "Yes, I want to sponsor a horse" link below the horses who still need sponsors. Our therapy horses and the chldren and families we serve are so thankful for your support!


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Meet the newest addition to the Spirit Reins herd, born on May 23, 2016 to our foster horse, Firefly. When we rescued his mom and sister from a kill pen last fall, we had no idea we would be welcoming a third member of the family so soon. Like so many of the children we serve, Scout and his sister Buttercup unexpectedly lost their mom in August of 2016, only a few months after entering this world. Scout is now under the close supervision of his big sister and the Spirit Reins' staff, who are teaching him the skills he needs to grow big and strong.


buttercupButtercup is one of Spirit Reins' first foster horses. Along with her mom, Firefly, she was rescued from a nearby kill pen when she was only a few months old. Buttercup is one of our clients' favorite horses. She loves to run and play and be cuddled by the kids who come to the ranch. Along with her brother Scout, she tragically lost her mom less than a year after arriving at the ranch.


joey2015Joey started life as a wild mustang, roaming free and fending for himself. After being captured, he was rescued and brought home to Spirit Reins. Like many of the children who come to the ranch, Joey didn't trust others and had never been touched by humans. After working with a Spirit Reins client for over a year, he finally let him touch him. Although Joey is still learning to trust other humans, you'll now find Joey running, eating and playing with the rest of the herd. Joey's a perfect example of the mutual benefit Spirit Reins' therapy brings to families and horses.


cricket2015Cricket is a beautiful bay horse and the second baby born on the ranch. Despite being Dumplin’s foal, Cricket is one of Kali's "babies” and tries to stay near her as much as possible. 

Francis and Stafford

francis staffordSpirit Reins’ only two donkeys couldn’t be friendlier or more excited to help out the kids that come to the ranch. Although they aren't used for riding, they are great at teaching kids how to build healthy relationships. Planning a visit to the ranch? Their favorite snack is vanilla wafers.


kawlija2015Kawliga has an amazing knack for picking out the person most in need of a friend and providing all of the support they need in sessions. Even with arthritis, he never ceases to make new friends.


flash2015As one of the gentlest spirits on the ranch, Flash provides children with a calm affection that puts them at ease. Flash enjoys getting attention, hugs and kisses from clients and staff alike. His beautiful buckskin coat attracts people from a distance, and his gentle spirit keeps them close.

Mr. Ben McGee

ben2015As one of the only horses born at the ranch Mr. Ben McGee began his work as a therapy horse when he was only a few hours old. While he tries hard to be compliant and gentle, he's been known to have the stubborness and defiance of a typical teenager, making him the perfect horse for our parent trainings.


Nutawa Walking2 2Nutawa serves as one of Spirit Reins’ rhythmic riding horses. She is a trusted and dependable gal that has found many friends out at the ranch. Nutaw has allergy and feed needs that require special attention. 


spirit2Against the odds, Spirit is still with the herd today. After a terrible infection as a baby, he is now healthy and strong. When he's not working with children and families, you'll find her playing with him friends in the herd. 


nakotaNakota is a sensitive and timid soul. Like Durango, having a tough life before Spirit Reins can often get the best of him. He really likes to work with the children but tends to be aloof and reserved.


Frauline2015Frauline is one of the biggest mares on the ranch, and she has an attitude and appetite to match. Despite occasionally being aloof and distant, she loves the children and always looks forward to working with them and their families. 


durango2015Durango came to the ranch with Nakota. They all had a hard life before coming to Spirit Reins and Durango has never fully trusted humans. While he loves the clients and would like to be more trusting, sometimes fear takes over and he resorts to fight or flight instead of making good choices.


reducednewmanNewman is a people pleaser and all around good guy. He has a sensitive streak, but is a terrific companion to the children he works with. Newman enjoys being caught and brushed and is just learning to be ridden.


playboy2015Playboy is a member of the assisted living pasture even though he is very young. He has a terrible case of arthritis in his back leg and requires extra care. Even though he can never been ridden, he really enjoys when the children come out to meet him and hear his story.


Rusty2Rusty is tried and true – nothing ever gets to her. She always proves to be a super star when working with the kids and she really enjoys his job. 

Beau Jangles

beau2 He goes by Beau for short and is one of the most reliable and hardest working on the ranch! He participates in therapy, family therapy sessions and rhythmic riding.


jesse2Jesse is Beau Jangles best friend and mini-me. He is our smallest horse, and has looked to Beau to keep an eye on him along the way. 


luna aBefore coming to Spirit Reins, Luna lived on a ranch not too far away. One evening, a hungry mountain lion tried to attack Luna and the rest of her herd. To escape, Luna tried to jump out of her stall and sustained a lifelong hip injury. Aside from her hip, Luna is strong and healthy and loves working with clients.


nevada3Nevada likes to push the limits just to see how far she can get. Despite being a bit stubborn, we know there is a sweet side in there just waiting to be unleashed.


kali2015 As a PMU foal, Kali never had the experience of her own mother. Despite that, Kali has taken it upon herself to adopt and protect any babies that have come in or been born at Spirit Reins since her arrival. She uses her size and sensitivity to bring up and protect her “Kali babies”. She is very calm with the clients and is occasionally used for Rhythmic Riding.

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