A group of new students sits under the trees, eagerly waiting to be turned looe on 125 beautiful acres to befriend the herd of horses that call Spirit Reins home.The teachers point out a small girl who sits all alone, staring into space as if no one exists around her. She is a selective mute, a person capable of talking but for the most part chooses not to.

Dear Spirit Reins,

When I was asked by a friend (Lisa Burns) to come take some photos of the horses at Spirit Reins Ranch, I agreed. She explained that the horses were used for therapy for at-risk and emotionally disturbed kids and that they wanted some photos to use for their annual bike ride to raise money. My son and I got up early one Sunday morning and made the short drive out to Liberty Hill with our friend and Spirit Reins volunteer. We had no idea what to expect.

"THANKS for your dedication to ALL children!"

— Community Partner

"Students seem to come to GOALS on shaky ground: there usually has been a recent traumatic event, several years of environmental stressors, and their self esteem is pretty much shot.The tranquility, beauty and spirituality of the ranch nurtures their souls and gives a sense of calm to these kids with ADHD."

"I think that Spirit Reins is a phenomenal place! This camp has brought our kids together and closer than any amount of time we have spent with each other all summer.Watching the youth work together to help one another, encourage each other, and take initiative to overcome obstacles and achieve goals made my entire summer as a leader.Even after we leave camp each day, the kid’s talk about what they did and most importantly learned at Spirit Reins.This is an awesome place and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses this place in the future."

— Chelsea, age 19, Texas Baptist Children’s Home missionary

"I think Spirit Reins is an amazing organization.  I have referred several families to them for services and have seen many positive changes. They provide a great benefit to the community because they serve economically diverse families, provide a unique approach to therapy and are willing to work with parents."

"What a blessing this ministry is – most people don’t realize how important this is to adoptive/foster families. Thank you for staying the course. Since coming to Spirit Reins, our kids are more confident, more trusting and respectful of adults and authority."

"The boys have been talking about Spirit Reins since we left last week and couldn’t wait to come back this week for winter break camp! If they could have skipped Christmas, just to come back, they would have."

"Camp was a new experience for our son and help provided freedom and fun for him! Camp was a little break for us too."

"Thank you so much for helping children who really need it!"

"We could not have experienced a better opportunity for our sons! The nurturing environment of trained personnel alleviated any of our concerns, while promising our sons the opportunities that other families and children take for granted!"

Dear Spirit Reins,

I am just writing to say Thank you. We have been in such a desperate place with our son Christopher. His doctors do not know where to go with his care, and we feel like we have tried everything – to no avail. Than we find Spirit Reins.

"My horse taught me that it can be hard to be in a relationship, but that I need to take the time to trust people."

"My horse taught me to trust harder and I learned that I could be trustworthy!"

"The horses taught me that relationships don’t always go great and you still shouldn’t give up, no matter what."

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